Below you will find a series of what are called 'verified views'. These are generated images designed to show the before and after effect of development. Swansea planners have designated several vantage points. These are views from the Pier head, the view from the south, the view from the West Cross Inn, the view from Knab Rock, the view from the Inshore RNLI station and the view from the north.

The left-hand image on each page shows the current site. The centre image shows what the 2011 outline application envisaged. The right-hand image shows the detailed version that is currently proposed. You will see that the latest version is smaller than the original (this reduction was agreed by the local authority last year).

The red shading and lines indicated show the difference (reduction) between the older and more recent versions in terms of scale and design.

You may find it easier to view these images on the Swansea Council planning portal.

Type and enter 2018/0916 in the search box. Click on the Documents tab and the scroll down to the Visual Assessments - you will find three of them.

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