Rejection isn't best verdict


Letters - South Wales Evening Post, Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swansea Business Forum was concerned by the negative comments (Post, June 15) about the proposals for the redevelopment of Mumbles Pier.

In the eyes of many, these proposals, funded by the private sector in the main, offer Mumbles an opportunity to reinvent itself in line with the emerging patterns of leisure facilities in the early 21st Century.

The new hotel complex and entertainment facilities will also surely generate much needed and substantial income through increased visitor footfall, to the benefit of the local businesspeople and traders within the wider community.

The so-called negative aspects of "concrete and glass covering the headland" puzzles many, as the proposed site of the new complex is not particularly visually prominent in terms of the surrounding area.

It would also be very sad if the proposed development was rejected and essential renovation of the pier as a consequence could not take place.

Mumbles already sadly has at one end Oystermouth Square, hardly the most attractive, welcoming sight to greet visitors.

Does it now face the prospect, for the foreseeable future, of an even more unattractive edifice, in the form of a dangerous, decaying and fenced-off pier complex, at the other end of the Mumbles Mile?

This outcome would surely not be in the best interest of Mumbles and its wider community, or indeed for the city and county of Swansea.

Hywel Evans
Chairman, Swansea Business Forum