11 February 2014

Pier project hit by delays but still progressing

Restoration of the iconic Mumbles Pier is continuing apace. However, the family firm behind the project have revealed that on-going delays mean work cannot be completed on schedule.

A company spokesman for pier owners AMECO Ltd stated that the reconstruction of the section linking the pier-end to the foreshore had been planned to follow soon after completion of the new £9.5m lifeboat house – which became operational this week.

“As you would expect with projects of this complexity, we’ve encountered a number of problems. Among these are the terrible weather conditions and unforeseen land difficulties involving Swansea Council.”

A unique feature of the innovative scheme is that funding to restore the pier stem and build a new seawall & boardwalk will come from the sale of the company’s foreshore sites for development.

The spokesman explained that the land issue required adjustments to the design of coastal apartment block. The effect is that sales agreements with third-party developers have been put on hold. 

“We are continuing to hold discussions with the council on an alternative approach. Realistically though, it will probably now be six months or more before we can start work on site.”

The owners say they will continue to ensure full access to the pier for lifeboat crews & personnel.

They are also looking to see if they can obtain safety approval for sea-anglers to use the new fishing platforms located at the end of the pier

A further impact of the delay is that proposals to convert the former lifeboat house into a heritage visitor centre have been affected.

“We had intended to submit these plans next month but we now have to wait for the other matters to be resolved”, explained the spokesman.


The pier closed in July 2011 after planning consent for restoration work was granted. Structural engineers had advised that the upper sections had reached the end of their maintainable life.

The pier ‘stem’ section will be replaced with new decking & railings incorporating period design features but using modern corrosion resistant materials.

Development of the foreshore at Mumbles Pier, to include apartments and a hotel, is a key part of the Swansea Bay Action Plan, first adopted by Swansea Council in August 2007. 

Owners hope that new fishing platforms can still be used  

Delays put former boathouse conversion plans on hold