1807 - Mumbles Train is the world's first passenger railway 

1898 - Mumbles Pier constructed as alternative jetty for Swansea Docks traffic. 
Abandoned within two years as a mooring and quickly becomes a popular pleasure attraction.

1922 - Mumbles out-shore lifeboat station is built 

 1940 - The pier is requisitioned by the War Department for the duration

1956 - Pier reopens after extensive reconstruction

 1960 - Mumbles Train closed down. Pier and foreshore acquired by Bollom family

 1998 - New amusement centre and cafe built

2006 - Owners first seek to finance pier restoration through redevelopment. Planners reject initial proposals.

2007 - RNLI announce plans for new Mumbles lifeboat 

 December 2011 - Site preparation work begins

2012-13 - Pier restoration and RNLI lifeboat house construction

2015 - First phase completion

2016 - Revised plans for headland remove need for clifftop access. Common land now unaffected.
2017 - Section 73 application approved to allow design flexibility.
Smaller scheme (footprint and height) plus new pitched roofs.

June 2018 - Pier Restoration work begins